A Visit With Marlene VerPlanck

Marlene VerPlanck was once called “The finest canary in captivity” by Downbeat Magazine.  She has done it all, from singing with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Tony Bennett and (believe it or not) Kiss … to studio singing including “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” and “Mmm-mmm good, mmm-mmm good, that’s what Campbell’s Soups are mmm-mmm- good!”  Whether singing background, cabaret, or Carnegie Hall, her career is a long string of successes.  With her gorgeous, versatile voice, she has always known just how to tell the story.

After Hours With Joe Pass

Joe Pass is generally considered to be one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time and has been compared to Paganini for his virtuosity.  He started out with a $17 guitar his dad gave him for his 9th birthday, was playing gigs at 14, and went on to perform with a virtual who’s who of music.  While his early influences were guitarist Django Reinhardt and saxophonist Charlie Parker, Joe eventually developed his own sound marked by a certain purity that made him stand out easily from other first-rate guitarists.  New York Magazine once declared, “Joe Pass looks like somebody’s uncle and plays guitar like nobody’s business!”

Reminiscing With Max Roach

One of the pioneers of bebop, Max Roach spent decades creating innovative jazz.  Though he started out playing piano, Max moved over to drums at the age of ten, and at sixteen he filled in with The Duke Ellington Orchestra at the famous Paramount Theater!  He was a composer as well as a musician, a college professor and recipient of many honors and awards.  While he was also comfortable working with other musical styles, Max Roach’s first love was always jazz and he is generally considered among the most important drummers in history.