Days Of Auld Lang Syne

Ever wonder what Auld Lang Syne means and where the song came from?  My New Years Show answers those questions, takes a look back at dance bands and movies a few generations ago, plus features an interview with Fay Wray, the lady who did all that screaming in the classic movie King Kong.  Come on in, as we monkey around with the calendar, have some fun and maybe even learn a few things!

The Christmas Show

Christmas is a very special time of year and therefore calls for something special in the way of our Jazzcast.  This is my musical Christmas card to you … featuring songs for the season by Maynard Ferguson, Tony Bennett, The Swingle Singers, Mel Torme, Count Basie, The Gene Harris Quartet, Lou Rawls, The Manhattan Transfer, Kenny G, Billy Taylor, Carol Sloan, plus a few of my own thoughts about the magic of Christmas.  I wish you Christmas rainbows the whole year through!

— Fred